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The Explorer
Location : Yōkoso planet , In the parliament hall everyone was yelling and arguing , because one of the Galaxy Observer bring report of the situations in the earth , and how it's became for the humans and the animals to live there , the parliament members divided to two group .
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Location : Yōkoso planet , 145 billion miles from earth

Time : 14 march 2056 earth time


In the parliament hall everyone was yelling and arguing , because one of the Galaxy Observer bring report of the situations in the earth , and how it’s became for the humans and the animals to live there , the parliament members divided to two group .

the first group say “ We shouldn’t help them or care about them , because they knew whats will happened before 40 years ago but they didn’t try to avoid it , We are not responsible of this planet “ .

The second group “ if We ignore this Alert , the situation will be worst for them , we are the people of   Yōkoso planet , and you all know our planet name is “Welcome” , and in all our life we just help the others planet , when the disasters happened We give the others our hand and help them , I think we have to leave this decision to the king , because in a case of the members divided to equal two groups , the king who will decide “ .


The King get up in the stage and say “ I heard all this argument , and as it mentioned in the report there’s good people in this planet , So I decide to send an explorer to explore the truth and make second detailed report about the Earth to decide if we will help them or we wil Ignore them if we discover there’s no hope of helping them .


And the king Ordered the Head of the parliament to candidate some one good because the people who live in this planet maybe they truly need our help , I suggest to send the most wise  Observer and who will give us the truth .


They bring the explorer , and they change his look to African Man , to see how the people will react to him , and to be send to Europe because in the report had mentioned this Continent is one of the most Power continent in the planet , and the people who live there they have the most privileges in the Earth Planet  , a small Space ship prepared to travel towards the earth .


The Space ship took a long time till it landed in the one of the closest sea from the destination , which is Sea Called “ The Mediterranean sea“ Located South of Europe , Everything was going by the plan of the Operation Team , The explorer weary the Life Jacket , and start to swim till the closest Shore .


Location : Intavolata, Province of Cosenza, Italy

Time : 5 April 2056


A group of fishers was setting fishing in the sea , till one of them yelled  , “ That’s weird  there’s some one coming from the sea , and he wearing Life Jacket like that one we used to see before 30 years ago , when the refugees used to come to Europe “ , One of the other laugh and say “ you must had tried that Mushroom again , So you start to hallucinating “

The fisher reply “ No man , I am serious , He is swimming like the fish , I think Since we Forbid the boat to cross , they became good in swimming  , HaHaHa “ but maybe its the Russian Vodka  that I drink “

The African arrived in the shore , and he looked exhausted , and thirsty , The group start discussion about what they will do with this African Man , One of them “ Actually I don’t remember what we should give him , I totally forget what we used to give them , maybe we should give him water  “

The other say “ I think you are right , I saw documentary film , where they give the refugees the water when they arrived , and also to communicate with him , he need some power “

They give the African man a bottle of water , the man drink all the bottle  , and settled in the ground .


One of the group asked him “ tu chi sei ? “

The African reply “ io sono africano rifugiato “

The men shocked and say “ How its possible that he speak Italian? , even we blocked all our Tv channels and our culture from Africa ? , I think this man play with us , I think he swim from Napoli and he lost his mind , and didn’t know who is he ? “

The African reply “ No I came from Africa but , I used to listen to “Andrea Bocelli “ and I learn the language from his songs , but what you will for me ? “

One of them said “ Actually we surprised because its long time since we have refugee cross this sea , I think you are lucky “

The African reply “ So what will happened in Europe with the Refugees and the Migration ? “

Other One said “ Since the migrants crises,  Europe Decided to Close all the borders , and keep the migrants away , since that what we have in this sea is Fishes and Front-ex who Protect Us from the migrants they shoot every human swim illegally in this sea “

The African reply “ Really , and how you accept that , its against the humanity ? “

Other one said “ Yes we know , but we had bigger problems like Capitalism and the Terrorists , who let us forget about the Migrants , and Frankly We had Economic Crises , and the extreme right get into the power in all around Europe countries , like Front National in France , and Forza Nuova  in Italy etc ..”

The oldest man in this group said “ Son you are a refugee , you will suffer a lot , and you will see the worst inside Europe , but I can Imagine you don’t have another choice , and also because you gave me good feeling when you arrived , because since long time I never saw a refugee arrived from the other shore , So I think you should go , and try to build a life if you could , we didn’t see you , and you didn’t see us , because we don’t be accused by the law “

The African Interrupt him “ How you will be accused by the law ?? “

The old man reply “ Since that the European Union changed the law , and everyone who help a refugee will be accused by the law , and there were a bounty for those who catch one of the refugees to be deported , and all the human right law had been suspended since that , I wish if you change your mind and back to Africa , it will be better for you “

The African reply “ I don’t have a choice , but Thank you , I will try to live in this jungle , and I really appreciate that “ and he left , and the group of men still in shock of what they saw .




Location : Mont Blanc – France


The Explorer decided to visit Mont Blanc mountain where there old wise man who lived for 120 years , and everyone know his wisedom , he went to the Mont Blanc mountain , and find the old man live in small tent , he surprised because this man was live sample life alone .

He asked the old man “ Why you live here ? “

The old man replied “ I lived enough life and I saw everything is going worst , I decided to isolate myself “

the Explorer “ OK , I came to learn from you ,Learn me something can be good for me in my life “

The old man replied “ OK My son , I will give you many messages can be good for you in your life


– Who block us from succeed


the Old man “ A long time I was working in company , and this company was going to worst situation , all the employees kinda of gave up , the Manager make a meeting to all of us and he said “ the person who was block everyone of you from his work , he died , and his body in a coffin inside , So I want everyone to go and look at him”

Every employee entered and saw the coffin and get out with a shock and surprise in his face , till I entered and I opened the coffin to find a mirror in the coffin , everyone open the coffin find him self in the mirror , after that the manager said “ everyone is block himself from been succeed and everyone of you can work hard without finding the excuses , and in the life also , our self’s who blocking us ,  “


  • The injustice in life


There was a little monkey in the jungle , and he was suffered from the Tiger , every day , The Tiger every time meet the Monkey tell him “ Why you don’t wear a hat? “ and he hitting him after this question directly , The monkey complain to the king of the jungle “ The Lion “ , the Lion tell the Monkey “ Don’t worry I will fix this “ .

The Lion met the Tiger and told him” What the story of the hat with the monkey?”

The Tiger said “ Its just reason to hit him “

The lion said  “ you have to find Logical reason to hit him , you know its impossible to find a hat in this jungle , you have to asked him to bring you an Apple , and if he bring it yellow hit him and say you want it red , and if he bring red apple hit him  and say you want it yellow“

The tiger met the Monkey and said “ hey Monkey Bring an Apple right now “

The Monkey said “ you want it Red or Yellow ?”

The tiger surprised and say “ You know what , this is pull shit , why you don’t wear a hat “ and he hit him “

Who want to abuse us , will not need a reason to do that .


  • Don’t underestimate anything in your life “


There was a king who love hunting , and he had a minister who specialist in the Méteo , before he going to hunting , he ask the minister if the weather is good , One day the minister the weather is good for hunting , the King went to hunting , and in the forest there was rains and storm , they found a little cabin in the forest , to protect them self , and they found a man live in this cabin , The king asked him , Why you didn’t get out today , did you know the weather will not be good ? “ the man said “ Yes I knew it from My Donkey , if his ear toward that’s mean its good weather , and if the his ears toward the ground that’s mean its bad weather “

The King surprised and Since that he decided to Dismiss the Minister and Nominate the Donkey  as Minster of Méteo .

Don’t underestimate anyone or anything in your life .


-Group Photo


I lived for long time , I will tell you this life like “ Group Photo” every time there is some one will be missed in this photo , we all will die , So be sure you smiling and be happy while you are inside the Group Photo .




  • What’s this bird ?


An very old father setting in the living room with his 35 years old son , till the father saw bird from the window , and he asked the son “ What this bird ?” The son replied “ it’s Crow , and the father kept repeating the same question for 5 times and the son replied with the same answer “ it’s crow “ till the son pissed of and start yelling , I tooold you its crow   Don’t you understand , The father went sadly to his room and bring his old diary , and show his son specific page on it , the son read it “ In this day my son finished 3 years old , he saw bird in the window and he asked me “ what’s this bird?” I answered him , and he kept asking me for 26 times , and I replied to him every time  ,  we played and laughed till he slept .





The explorer was very happy about the advice from the old man , and there was only one question in his head  , “ist possible to save this planet? “


Location : Somewhere in Europe


The explorer was walking on the street till he saw many signs in the markets  , he just surprise what written in the sign , “ European Only “ , he wondered who the Europeans to be allow to enter and they forbid the others , he make a search about them , and how it became like this , he discovered , before 30 years ago , the Terrorists attacks was in everywhere in Europe , and the second Economical crises , make Germany and France in the top of Europe and the Extreme right wing political party get on the Power , the first they did is , Support Front-ex and transfer most of the Army budget to Front-ex , after that they start to deport the migrants to their countries , and the Main Decision they took is , “ No one allowed to be Muslim or Christians or Jews , The religion is forbidden , and everyone have his freedom in everything except The religion and the Politics  “ .


Back to Yokoso


The explorer back to the planet parliament hall to give his report , to decide either they will help or they will ignore them , The explorer stood up in the stage “ Ladies and Gentlemen , I came from a planet which have a lot of diversity  , in a side they like us , who want to help everyone or everything , and in the other side they are like the worst Planet who have all the bad habits  , they have all kind of the people , and there’s hope about them , My report for you is this text , the decision is yours , My suggestion is to give them another opportunity , I am sure they will fix their self .


After many meeting of the Parliament members , and after they studied the Infection of this planet on the others , all the members of the Galaxy Parliament , Decided to close the story of the earth and delete it from the Galaxy if they behaving the same behavior  in the next 20 years .




Today We are in 2016 , and 2056 it’s not that far from us , just only 40 years of helping the others or 40 years of selfishness , Do we will continue Ignoring The need of our planet , and the need of our nature as Humans , Doesn’t matter how beautiful you look , whats matter is how your heart look ?  , The explorer is Everyone of you , who read or listen to this text , Explore inside yourself first , and Explore the good things in the humans , Sometimes I think we are Angles who been attempted by the bad things


maybe you feel this text is missing many things but I tried to make “The Explorer “ as a text , This Idea is Wide and my main propose about this Idea is to make the explorer explore things inside us , or things in our world but we kept ignore it .


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