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Have you ever hear about Calais , I think Calais in during last year has been a lot in the media and the news , even the presidents himself hear about Calais and get his attention .the European union called it Inhumane zone ,I am talking about Calais the big jungle where..
By Youssif HALIEM Posted in Texts on June 9, 2018 0 Comments 18 min read
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Have you ever hear about Calais , I think Calais in during last year has been a lot in the media and the news , even the presidents himself hear about Calais and get his attention , the European union called it Inhumane zone , I am talking about Calais the big jungle where thousands of migrants live and suffer from the cold and the rains without any roof protect them .

In the dark and between the trees a group of migrants gathering around a fire to give them some heat, they were all in deep silence , every one of them think about different thing  ,

Ahmed Sudanese man was thinking about his family that in Sudan and his little sister who miss him a lot, he remember how she was happy when every time he back home and jump on him and hug him, he remember also the last day when he had to run away from the solders and he didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye to her, and he remember his sick father and he ask his self “ did he die or his still alive in this world , and what the family will do if he died , because his the bigger one in his family “ while he was imaging his sister face , tears dropped from his eyes .

Ali Eritrean man 16 years old  was thinking about when he was in Libya , he remembered that ugly face of that smuggler who ask him to pay more and we he couldn’t pay , he had to work in his farm for six month , he couldn’t do anything  in country without law even if there’s law , he will deported again to face the unlimited time in the military , he remembered every details of dark night when the Libyan came totally drunk and keep screaming and saying “ My wife didn’t give me what I want , how she can do that , I need to fuck someone “ and he look at him with this angry eyes and grab his gun and walked toward Ali “ If you move I will kill you “ Ali didn’t move and said “ I didn’t do anything wrong , it’s not my fault “ the smuggler “ its your fault to come to this country , and my wife fault because she didn’t give me what I want , now take of your clothes quickly I don’t need your excuses “ Ali run for one meter and stopped when the smuggler shot a bullet in the air , and grab him like an angry monster , he smashed his clothes and put him in the ground like an animal , Ali remembered every details and when he screamed but no one hear him , he just cried till the smuggler stop moving and put his gun in Ali face and said “ from now you are my bitch “ the smuggler left , Ali run to nowhere in the dark desert , he kept running all the night till he find a city to start again ” Ali stop felt he can’t thinking about the painful moments anymore , the tears dropped from his eyes .


Gazi Afghani man was thinking about what he faced in Afghanistan , and remembered when Taliban attack his village , and they start to kill every man and collect the children , he had to hide in his family house with his mother after they saw his father died in front of the house , his mom say “ come on my son hide under this bed “ he replied “ what about you mom” she said “ don’t worried I lived enough, just promise me that you will try to survive from this country and try to find peaceful place “ , after Gazi get under the bed Taliban man came, and he found the mother a lone , he directly grabbed her like she is belong him , and fucked her while she was crying , and Gazi was crying in the same time under the bed the mother heard her son crying so she start to cry louder , The Taliban man after he finished he shoot her in head by his Kalashnikov , and left the room , he didn’t look for more people because he was tired , after it became silence Gazi get out from under the bed , he saw the most shocking things anyone can see , but he remembered his mom last words , he took her body and his father body and  he buried their bodies while he was crying , while Gazi remembering this moments also tears dropped from his eyes .

Every one of them saw the tears of the other, but no one say anything and no one try to comfort the other .

Sara Syrian girl ,was thinking about that moment  when she had to give up in searching for her husband , she remembered when the little boat flipped over and they found their self in the sea struggling to survive , and she remembered her husband doesn’t wear a lifejacket (because he gave her his lifejacket before they get on the boat and said “ If you died my love and I lived , I will kill myself , but you promise me if anything bad happened to me you will try to be happy “ and he smiled to her and put a kiss in her front ) , she was struggled in the sea and in the same time she hear her husband calling her “ Habibti (My love) I am here “ but she searched until his sound disappeared , she remembered that she cried like a little baby and swimming for two hours , until the cost guard ship found them , she said to herself “ Isn’t life is ironical I get in the Mediterranean as a wife and I get out as a widow “, she couldn’t forbid her self from crying , everyone start to comfort her “ Everything will be OK , Don’t worry “ but she screamed “ since I arrived here everyone told me everything will be OK , but every time it going worst , all the doors locked in our faces “

After that they had really big silence , because all of them say everything will be OK , but they all know it’s will be always like that ; suffering in their homes and they suffering during the trip and even after they arrived here they suffered from country to a country .

Till one of them break This silence and Said in loud Voice “ I have idea, there’s expired bier bottles , we can bring them to have fun ‘with himself he was thinking the meaning of have fun is to forget” , everyone in one voice YES , because they thought they need the drink to forget .


The guy bring the bottles and they start drinking it , Gazi said in not good English “ Why this France do , no England , door cloth , Europe no good , me back Afghanistan but no choice “ ( Why France do this , they don’t let us go to England , they close the borders , Europe isn’t good , I rather to go back to Afghanistan but I don’t have a choice ) , Ahmed said “ it’s politics they using us to get some money , No one care about us except this volunteers  who came to help us , sometimes I wish to be a Chihuahua dog for anyone in Europe at least I will leave in comfortable place and I will have a dog paper , and everyone will be nice to me “ they all laughed , till Ali said “ wait I didn’t tell you what happened to me when I went to Calais city , I met a French woman she asked me why you all want go to England , France is the same as England , we will take care of you here “  Ahmed said “ what you said to her ? “ Ali replied “ I told her , I know you think I want to go to England because of the language even though the French language is difficult but I am sure I can managed it here , but I want to go because the situation of the refugees in France , We are as Sudanese or Afghanis people not welcome by your government as refugee the OFPRA and CNDA stand like a big wall in front of us from staying here  , we look for the papers and as long France doesn’t’ offer it we will look for another country and England is hard to access but easy to get the papers , that’s why the most people here is Sudanese and Eritreans and Afghanis , what if I had the house and didn’t get the paper , I will be nothing here “

After while Ahmed said “imagine if we have a chance to say something to the french government and the French people , what be your message to them ? “

Ali said “ I will called my message ( How much my price ?) “

I would like to sue  the politics in Europe to pay me a lot of money , because before the elections every one of them use the migrants to win the voices of the voters either by say I am against the migrants , and I want to send them back , so they win the votes of the people who hate the migrants , or they say I am supporting the migrants , so they win the votes of the people who would like to help the migrants , otherwise some of them don’t care about the migrants but they want to win , for example they spending a lot of money to win the election and that’s why they should pay me , every one of us has price for them , Gazi interrupt him  “ Okey , you win , what you do money “ ( Okey , if you win the case , what you will do with the money) , Ali said “ I will build un island in the sea and called it ( the home of homeless) and I will host all the refugee in it , and I will build the factories and the houses , and you will not need paper to live in it “ , Everyone laugh but inside everyone of them wish Ali dream become true to not be homeless in the European countries .


  • Ahmed said “ I will call my message (FPES ( french politics Entertainment Show ) )“

DO you guys know The WWE ,everyone said “ YES is this the wrestling show where there John Cina and Undertaker , and Randy Orton “ Ahmed said “ yes it’s , but  for the people who doesn’t know about WWE , it’s World Wrestling Entertainment  ,  American show that’s bring wrestlers and those wrestler pretend they hate each other , it’s like a big show with a perfect acting , and actually the truth is they play with the people who watch the show , at the beginning when WWE invented was to show real challenge and to play in real way , but after that the world change and became a way to collect the money and fooling the people .


In France there’s FPES ( French politics Entertainment Show )  , I will count it as this , because of the way it works , before the election , every wrestler bring his best , but behind the scene they play and they make a big show with a perfect acting , and they offense any group or community just to get to the golden chair “ president chair” , but this play happened every four years which make me feel like I am fool , and it’s happened everywhere in the world but , and the frustrating thing is there’s people who believe in it , and they supporting the wrestlers .


Like I said when they invented WWE it was real show , and also when the politics begin it was real politic without any cheat or lies , So I stop this show and don’t say lies and if you said something just do it .


  • Gazi said “ I will call my message “Why I want to be francophonie “


Some of the people think I want to be French to enjoy being French , but for me the paper doesn’t change anything , and I am not big fan of the Technology in France or the beautiful views of paris , What I like in France is the good people “even in every place there’s good people” but the good French people believe in the human rights and the right of express and helping the others , I met really good people here , I will not forget those people who stand on the faces of the police to protect us , and this group who make night shifts to guard us during the night in the cold and the rains , those people who barely stayed in the camps more than they stayed in their home’s , I want to be French to be with those people and live with them and learn from them .


  • Sara said “ I will call my message “ Paris the city of the human rights “


Before months ago they said Paris is the city of welcoming the refugees , but no one saw that , even they offered the houses and they opened the centers for the refugees , they blocked them by the papers .

We all know the beauty of paris the Eiffel tower and the museum of lover and the good transportations in the city that reach everywhere in the city , and the beautiful gardens in paris , but I wish if they called the city of the human rights and they build the humans values first , let’s imagine the Eiffel tower is Symbolizes to the solidarity, and the Metro lines Symbolizes to the roads where the people guide each other and help them  , and the lights of the city is Symbolizes the to happiness that we give to everyone else , instead of the tourists who will come to see the beautiful places , we will have the people who want to see the human rights and I think most of the world will come and support.


After that everyone was dreaming about the dreams they said and what if it come true one day, but Ali jumped and said “OK , there’s another message I have ,”


  • I will call it “The sons of the republic “


We all know all the French are the sons of the republic , and the republic build in the democracy system and the freedom and the brotherhood and the equality , but what I see today is something different , the sons of the republic lost the values of the republic they lost their way without knowing they became far away from the republic values , the racism is increasing day by day , and the equality start to disappearing some of them start to look at the people depend in their origins and their colors and their religions , and some of them stayed in their homes and said the migrants and the strangers steel their works opportunity and they forget that everyone has to work harder to win and to live , what made the republic strong is the people who work hard to build it , and now the son’s going to make the republic lose all the values .


  • Gazi also Jumped and said “Me too I have another message “,


I will call it “Do you need another French revolution “


Many of the French revolution reasons start to appear again in this time, like the religion (the religion is one of the main red lines in the French constitution, everyone has the freedom to choose which religion he/she want, and no one has the right to discriminate anyone by his religion, but I am afraid soon one of the first questions in the people presentation is “What your religion? “ , for me I think the religion is relationship between you and what you believe in ) , and the Horrible leadership in the royals was one of the reason of the French revolution ( and if you look now it’s the same thing and it going worst you can imagine if Marine le-Pan and the right party take the power what will happen , they will use the police to forbid the manifestations and the will use the economic pressure to make the people shut their mouths up , but now we see the what the police doing from violence and discriminations and forbid the manifestations , and uses their power on the people ) , Financial crisis because of horrible and selfish leadership ( the capitalism is the one of the reason of the economic crises , and you see how many of them have relations with the French politics , and when the corruption will be the main thing in the French administration , I guess they will have to change the name of the republic to something else “ because even Sudan and many other countries  is Republic countries by the names but in the reality  , its full of dictatorships and corruptions “ , Extreme differences between rich and poor ( and this thing start to appear in the French society even by talking of complaining  , the people will start to attack the ‘Bobos ‘ and will be different between the rich people and the normal or poor people ) , and the reasons of the french revolution is a lot but I want them to be careful not to happen again , because if so , than they will need another revolution .


Sara also jumped and said “I have another message too “


  • And I will call it “Attention to the media “


I had been in Syria when the war was there and lived in the city where was everyday house boomed by the Syrian Army Fighters , and when I was opining the media of the Bashar Al’Asad I just saw music and they only show they winning the war but this wasn’t the truth , and today in France there’s the Media war  , the issue start very small and the media make it very big and they showing it as crises , and the media of the political parties just showing what they want to show to the people , many people change their minds about the migration because the media manipulate them , the media know that they are the fourth power who can make change in the people head’s , and they using it , Attention the french to have System media that only lead you to where the system  want you to go and make you believe what they want .


Ahmed stand up and said “ Have you ever heard of The ‘National human ‘ “ , Sara said “ I heard of the police nationale and court national” Ali said ‘ Me I heard of Constitution d’une garde nationale but I don’t know what is it “ , Gazi said “ I heard of Assemblée Nationale and Armées nationales

Than Ahmed said “ You see there’s many thing in the name of the nationality , but we didn’t hear any of the greatest countries made a project by the name of the human national , the human national is you and me and them and every human , the human national should be a project to protect every human in the earth “ even the humans in the moon if they moved to the moon “ , and to stop the wars everywhere in the world , and to guarantee the humans get their rights , and erase the different between all the humans , this is the human national .




The writer Note ;-

This was conversation in the jungle between the shadows of four migrants , now the shadows left to another world , the trees used in the tables , the air didn’t find anyone to breath it .

In every food you eat remember there’s people doesn’t eat , and when you back to home safe remember there’s people who can’t find this peace , not because they are stupid , just because a specific longitudes and altitudes can decide what you will have or what you will have not .

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